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The biggest frustration of cyclists in Utrecht are the traffic lights. There are too many of them and they are not adjusted well. This decreases the attractiveness to cycle in the city.


By means of an open innovation collaboration with the municipality, traffic light- and mobility experts and designers we went to look for a solution.


Flo. The first personal bike traffic light in the world.

Visit www.bikeflo.com for more information!

Watch the first Flo in Utrecht, the Netherlands
(English subtitles available)


How does it work?
(English subtitles available)


Flo is the new name for the Light Companion!


First successful usability test

On November 3rd, Light Companion has been tested on the crossroad of Jan van Galenstraat en Kardinaal de Jongweg in Utrecht. At least 600 cyclists passed the test stand. The media were also very interested. Check here our blog about the pilotday and watch the video we’ve made:

We expect that Light Companion will hit the market in 2016. Would you like to know more about Light Companion? Please contact Jan-Paul de Beer via jp@springlab.nl or +31(0)611350423.




How can we make the flow of traffic lights more enjoyable for cyclists?


Every cyclist will be detected individually and per cyclist the companion calculates how fast you should cycle in order to catch the green light. In addition, you will get your own green light to follow (Light Companion). Per cyclist the speed will differ but the speed rates will always be achievable for all cyclists. You just need to follow your personal Light Companion and you will never have to wait for a red light.

The expected benefit of the light companion is that it ensures that the cyclists will arrive in groups at the traffic light, because everybody wants to catch the green light. As a result, the waiting time for cyclists can be reduced and the flow of the complete crossway will be increased.





The Happy Biking Project started in September 2014. The goal of this project was to make cycling more enjoyable in Utrecht. Part of this was research into the biggest cycling frustrations. No less than 1500 people voted and with 33% of the votes it became clear that traffic lights are the main source of frustration. The amount of traffic lights and their bad adjustment turned out to be the biggest problems.

Together with experts of the Dutch institute for sport and physical activity (NISB), the Municipality of Utrecht and Frolic Studio we developed Light Companion.


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